‘Let them think whatever they want’ Socialite Amber Ray Speaks Out Following Interview Rumors.

Kenyan Socialite Amber Ray recently asked her fans whether she should have an interview with Jalango. Surprisingly, many of them agreed.When Amber asked why she should do it, a fan told her to prove to haters that the rumors about her are false. Amber then revealed that she does not feel the need to correct people’s perceptions of her.Amber said that there is no point in arguing with those who have already made up their mind not to like her. She added that she prefers living her life and not interfering with the opinions others might have about her.‘I fight a lot with my family and friends cause of this. But I feel like proving points to people who have already chosen not to like you. Is the beginning of losing yourself. There’s so much frustration in rejection. In my world I say, let them think whatever they want as I keep on moving forward’ She wrote. Do you think Amber should go for an interview? Please share your reasons in the comment section below. Follow the East Africa Buzz for daily updates on the latest entertainment and celebrity news in the region.