'Start with low paying jobs' Socialite Huddah Monroe Advises Job Seekers.

 Lately, Socialite Huddah Monroe has been sharing life skills and business tips with her fans. This evening, Huddah advised her fans to take up low job opportunities in the area of their study. She added that these jobs give one the experience to elevate to the next level.‘Instead of rushing. If there’s no job opportunities in whatever you studied go for the lowest. Start there. You’ll have working experience. Every level in life is a learning lesson’ The post read. She accompanied her message with boxer Conor McGregor’s inspiring life story. The post revealed that Conor got bullied in his childhood. He worked twelve hours a day as a plumber and survived on social welfare. However, in 2013, he joined UFC, and two years later, he won a UFC title. It also revealed that he sold his whiskey company for six hundred million US dollars. Follow the East Africa Buzz for updates on the best entertainment and celebrity news in the region.