YouTube Comedian Terence Creative Treats His Wife to an Early Mother’s Day Surprise.

Comedian Terence Creative gave his beautiful wife, Milly Chebby, an early Mother's day treat today. The YouTuber took his queen for a picnic, and he shared a video from their date on his Instagram page. He also added a sweet appreciation message for Milly in the caption. In the post, Terence professed his love to Milly and thanked her for being a wonderful mother to his children.  ‘This day wouldn’t end without me thanking and appreciating Mama Milla, Milly Chebby' He stated. 'You have had quite a rough time with your pregnancies but finally, you became a mom to our lovely daughter Milla Netai. I love the way you love my kids; this moment I chose to just say I love you’ He added. Let us know how you plan on celebrating Mother’s Day. Follow the East Africa Buzz; for regular updates on the latest entertainment and celebrity news in the region.