YouTuber Diana Marua Sends Her Husband’s First Baby Mama this Message on Mother’s Day.

Diana Marua, the girlfriend of gospel singer Bahati, has a very cordial relationship with the mother of his first child Yvette Obura, also known as Mama Mueni. Yvette is one of the few mothers that Diana celebrated last evening. Diana shared photos of Yvette and Mueni Bahati on her Instagram, accompanied by an appreciation message. In it, Diana thanked Yvette for making their co-parenting arrangement easy. She also applauded her efforts in ensuring that Mueni grows up in a loving household.   ‘Mama Mueni, thank you for making it so easy for me to raise this angel of ours with all the love she deserves. I celebrate you today. Happy Mother’s Day Yvette Obura.’ She wrote. What do you think about the message Diana Marua sent to Yvette Obura? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.Follow the East Africa Buzz; for daily and consistent updates on the latest entertainment and celebrity news in the region.