Curvy Socialite Vera Sidika Responds to The Claims That There Was No Food at Her Lavish Baby Shower

Curvy Kenyan Socialite Vera Sidika Has Furiously Responded to The Rumours That There Was No Food at The Lavish Baby Shower She Held Over the Weekend.

Source: Vera Sidika

The drama started after a fan on Instagram told a popular Kenyan entertainment blogger called; Edgar Obare that there was no food for the guests who attended Vera’s baby shower.

“Vera hosted a fancy baby shower without food and few drinks. The same thing she did with her baby gender reveal. Why wouldn’t she offer people food, ata snacks” A fan wrote to Edgar after he asked his followers to tell him what happened over the weekend.

Source: Edgar Obare (BNN)

It seems like word got to Vera because three hours later, she shared a post in which she told her fans that Mialle restaurant provided the food and their meals were delicious.

She also shared a photo of a buffet accompanied with an appreciation message for the upscale restaurant.

“Our baby shower food provided by the best catering services Mialle72, Yummiest ever” Vera captioned the photo.

Source: Vera Sidika

Vera thought that she had everything under control. However, the photo she posted just escalated the situation.

A few moments after her post, another fan accused her of lying and added that she had stolen the photo from the official Instagram page of Mialle restaurant.

Another fan wrote to Edgar Obare, “Alipost ati food was provided by Mialle yet picha ametumia was posted by Mialle in 2019” (Translation: She has posted that the food was provided by Mialle yet the picture she used was posted by Mialle in 2019)

Source: Edgar Obare (BNN)

This accusation made the Socialite very furious. She angrily responded on her Insta-stories with a series of posts expressing her frustration.

Vera said that she intentionally posted the picture so that her fans could check out the page and support the business.

“I deliberately posted this old photo here, with the tag showing so you can long press and view it” Vera defended herself.

Source: Vera Sidika

She blasted those who made the accusations and referred to them as villagers who are just hating because they never got invited.

In another post, she questioned why someone who never attended would claim that the event had no food.

“How are you not at a party and claim there was no food or drink? How is that your business anyway? Claiming there’s no food or drinks at a party you never attended yet you weren’t and can never even be considered in the guest list” She wrote.

Source: Vera Sidika

Vera added that those making false accusations about her party are used to attending low budget parties, and they do not know what goes down at a classy one.

“Problem with broke people is that they don’t understand that in high end parties food and buffet set ups are done away from the d├ęcor set up” She wrote.

She further explained that most wealthy people leave their houses well fed before attending events, and that is why they rarely eat at parties.

Source: Vera Sidika

Drama seems to follow Vera Sidika each time she throws a party. In July, Vera got caught up in a back and forth with an upcoming comedian after he accused her of not paying for the services he provided at her gender reveal party.

The comedian said they had agreed on a fee of Shs.15000, but he only got Sh10,000.

Vera was displeased with the allegations, and she did not hold back. She responded to his claims by posting several posts explaining her side of the story.

Source: Vera Sidika

Vera said her assistant made payments in full to all the service providers before the event. Therefore, his accusations were fake.

She also called the comedian unprofessional and warned that such behaviour would scare away future clients.

“If you think you are marketing your biz, you’re wrong. Nobody would ever want to work with someone who runs their mouth to the media over their clients” Vera warned him.

Source: Afro Entertainment

“If at all someone has refused to pay for services, you should go to the police. There was an agreement, show proof, written or oral recordings and get your money” She added.

Source: Afro Entertainment

The comedian later apologized, but Vera did not want to hear him out.