Zari Hassan Speaks Out Days After Ignoring Diamond

Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan has revealed why she does not announce her every move on social media anymore.   The gorgeous mother of five said that she is secretive about her achievements because she does not want them to get tainted by negativity. She added that her silence does not mean that she is not making big moves.   ‘Just because I’m not telling my every move doesn’t mean I’m not moving. Sometimes you have to withhold good news so that it can remain untouched by negativity. Mompreneur always on the move’ She wrote.   Her post comes days after she ignored Diamond Platnumz, the father of her children, on his 32nd birthday. Last year Zari posted him on her Insta stories. However, this year she did not acknowledge him whatsoever.   Instead, she spent the day bonding and playing with their two children Princess Tiffah and Prince Nillan. She also took them on a shopping spree at the mall. 
However, it turns out that Zari was not the only baby mother who ignored the singer. 
Kenyan singer Tanasha Donna, the mother of Naseeb Junior, the youngest son of Diamond, also snubbed him.
Though her son and the singer share the same birthday; Tanasha only celebrated her baby. 
She penned down a heartfelt message for him on her Instagram; hours before she flew back to Kenyan from Zanzibar.
Later on, she organized an intimate birthday party with family and close friends. 
Diamond also snubbed Zari and Tanasha on their birthdays. It would explain why they decided to return the favour.