Comedian Eric Omondi's New South Sudanese Girlfriend Dumps After He Promises to Marry Her

Ayen Monica, The South Sudanese Girlfriend of Kenyan Comedian Eric Omondi Has Dumped Him A Few Weeks After Winning His YouTube Reality Show Called Wife Material.

Source: Eric Omondi

In a statement shared by Ayen, she said that she was upset with the comedian because he had neglected her.

She added that he took advantage of her patience, even though she was a supportive girlfriend.

Source: Eric Omondi

Ayen's Break Up Statement

“I’m not here to say much just to say I’m disappointed again. It’s the fact that he knew I was patient and took advantage of it, it’s the fact that I supported him even if he was wrong. He brought me all the way from my country to come and make me feel like I have to fight my way through his heart” Ayen wrote.

Ayen said that she was distraught and could suffer in silence anymore. She also told the comedian that his sweet words would not mend their situation.

Source: Eric Omondi

“I feel so dumb and heartbroken right now being kept in this situation that I never asked for, even if you kept saying I love you it won’t fix anything or bring me back”

Ayen further explained that she put up with all his drama throughout this week, and she has had enough.

“It was the fake pregnancy first I understood it then your baby mama drama and then now you’re not home what is all this?” Ayen lamented.

Source: Ayen Monica

Ayen Monica Wins Wife Material

Their breakup comes a few days after Ayen got announced as the winner of Eric Omondi’s YouTube Reality Show called Wife Material.

The show started on October 19, with eleven contestants from Kenya, Ethiopia, Nigeria, South Sudan and Rwanda.

Source: Eric Omondi

Out of the several girls that participated, Monica Ayen emerged as the winner.

Eric announced her victory through his Instagram with a lengthy post in which he showered her with praises.

He also declared his undying love for her and promised to marry her and start a family with her.

Source: Eric Omondi

Eric's Love Letter to Ayen Monica

“Monica Ayen -Omondi. CONGRATULATIONS on WINNING my heart, Congratulations on winning the Final Season of Wife Material I promise to Love you with all that I have. I will respect you, I will honor you with all Dignity. I promise to PROTECT you. I can't wait to Start a family with you. I cannot wait to make beautiful babies with you” read part of his post.

Source: Eric Omondi

Eric also expressed his gratitude to South Sudan for giving him a wife and promised to respect her and take good care of her.

He also promised to visit the country to meet her family and start proper wedding plans.

However, it seems like all this will not happen because the relationship has ended.

Source: Ayen Monica