Diamond’s Baby Mama Tanasha Donna Responds to Claims of Refusing to Pay for Her Butt Surgery

Kenyan Singer Tanasha Donna, The Youngest Baby Mother of Singer Diamond Platnumz, Has Responded to The Allegations That She Is in Debt of Ksh. 850,000 (Ush. 26 Million) For A Butt and Hips Enhancement Surgery She Recently Got.

Source: Tanasha Donna

Tanasha Denies the Rumors

Tanasha Donna denied owing Body by Design Cosmetic Clinic and dismissed the claims as fake news.

The songbird told her fans to think twice before taking in the information written about her online. She said that people fabricate stories and falsehoods with malicious intent to tear her down.

Source: Tanasha Donna

“Some people are masters at mass manipulation and will go to absolutely any extent including lie and make up stories just to fulfil their own evil and selfish agendas” said Tanasha.

Source: Tanasha Donna

Tanasha also said that people nowadays create stories to get attention online. She added that she knows her truth, and she will let God handle the rest.

“These days’ folks will do and say just about anything for traction. However, when you know your truth, everything will always work out to your favor”

Source: Tanasha Donna

Tanasha also said she would sit back, let go and let Karma take its course as the truth always comes to light.

“Sit back, relax and let Karma handle the rest. Let God fight your battles. No bad deed goes without consequence. The truth comes out” stated Tanasha.

Source: Afro Entertainment

Tanasha also shared another post that read, “Once they realize hating isn’t working they start telling lies”

Source: Afro Entertainment

Tanasha Exposed by Kenyan Socialite

Source: Afro Entertainment

The rumours of Tanasha Donna’s debt started after Kenyan Socialite Risper Faith reached out to Entertainment Blogger Edgar Obare to narrate how the singer betrayed her.

Risper told Edgar that she connected Tanasha with a Cosmetic Clinic called Body by Design after Tanasha contacted her about her liposuction surgery.

Source: Afro Entertainment

Risper said that she told Tanasha that the Clinic was looking for a celebrity to market their brand in exchange for free surgery.

“Hi Edgar, so Tanasha approached me on how my surgery experience was and where I did mine. At that moment Body by Design Kenya was looking for another influencer to work on. Conditions were they have to do BBL on her in return for a post on their social media” Risper explained.

Source: Edgar Obare (BNN)

Tanasha Owes Ksh 850, 000 (Ush 26 million)

Risper added that Tanasha agreed to the offer, and after she got the free Brazilian Butt Lift, she disappeared and did not honour the agreement.

“Edgar there’s a whole story behind this surgery. Things went south and she got a perfect body and refused to post body by design and so they asked her to pay and she never did” Risper told Edgar.

Source: Edgar Obare (BNN)

“2 weeks after the surgery she went mia. Mark you she didn’t even finish her after care which is risky, so they decided to charge her 850K since she didn’t post anything” Risper added.

Risper also expressed her displeasure and said she had vouched for her and promised the clinic that she would keep her end of the bargain.

“Up to this day she never paid anything and I feel bad for body of design because I am the one who introduced her and promised them she’s a nice girl and she would post” Risper complained.

Source: Edgar Obare (BNN)

Tanasha did not direct her message to a particular person. However, Risper is yet to respond to Tanasha’s statement.


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