Rayvanny’s Teenage Girlfriend Reacts to Rumors That He Is Back with His Gorgeous Baby Mama

Paula Kajala, the 19-Year-Old Girlfriend of Tanzanian Singer Raymond Shaban Mwakyusa Alias Rayvanny, Has Reacted to The Claims That the Singer Is Cheating On Her with His Baby Mama Fahyma Alias Fahyvanny.

The rumours started after a controversial Tanzanian blogger called Mange Kimambi disclosed that Fahyma and Rayvanny had reconciled.

She said that the two went out for lunch at the singer’s new restaurant Havana. She added that they were seated at the VIP section, looking cozy and having a good time.

Source: Mange Kimambi

“Leo lunchtime walikuwa pamoja Havanna. Wakakaa VIP mabusu kama yote. Kwa kifupi wamerudiana Ila Fayhma kapewa down grade from main to side chick. Yani yeye now ndo anafichwa Paula ndo main” Mange wrote.

Translation: “Today at lunchtime they were together at Havanna. They sat at the VIP and were all kisses. In short, they have reunited except Fahyma has been downgraded from main to side chick. She is now being hidden from Paula ”

Source: Mange Kimambi

The rumours spread on various social media platforms in Tanzania like wildfire. It seems like Paula was unbothered by the news judging from her reaction online.

Paula shared a meme on her Insta stories indicating that she is not bothered by the rumours and will not pay attention to negativity. She also added that the people spreading those lies are just haters.

Source: Rayvanny

Rayvanny and Paula’s Relationship

Netizens first learnt about Rayvanny and Paula’s relationship at the beginning of this year after Rayvanny shared a cozy video of them cuddling on his Insta-stories.

Rayvanny got criticized for sharing the video prompting him to keep their relationship a secret for several months.

Source: Rayvanny

Later on, Rayvanny and Paula officially publicized their relationship by sharing several loved up photos on their respective social media accounts.

Source: Paula Kajala

Source: Rayvanny

Rayvanny’s Baby Mama Attacks Him

As many congratulated the new couple in town, Fahyma was displeased by the news.

In a series of posts on her Insta-stories, Fahyma lashed out at Rayvanny and blamed him for destroying their family.

Source: Fahyma

She accused him of constantly embarrassing her and their son instead of protecting them from the negativity in society.

"Naomba niseme kwamba hii familia umeharibu kwa mikono yako mwenyewe. Naipo siku mungu atakukumbusha. Unashindwa kuilinda familia yako na mambo mabaya. Ila kila siku wewe umekuwa mstali wa mbele kutudhalilisha kwenye jamii" Fahyma told Rayvanny.

Source: Rayvanny

Translation: "Please let me say that you have destroyed this family with your own hands. There is a day when God will remind you. You are failing to protect your family from bad things. But every day you have been at the front line to humiliate us in society"

Fahyma also disclosed that she has been deceived and made a fool of by Rayvanny several times.

Source: Fahyma

In the same post, she asked Rayvanny to stay away from her and their son and continue life with his new family. She also said that she would raise their son by herself.

"Kwa kuku rahisishia sina mahusiano na wewe tena maana. Umenidanganya vya kutoshaa endelea na hiyo familia yako mpya mimi na mtoto wangu tuwache hatu kuhusu kaa mbali meter 100" Fahyma ranted.

Translation: "For simplicity I have no relationship with you anymore. You have deceived me enough. keep up with your new family. Leave me and my baby alone. Stay 100m far away from us"

Source: Fahyma

Rayvanny’s Baby Mama Talks About Their Relationship

However, it seems like the rage and bad blood is in the past as Fahyma recently revealed that she and the singer are on good terms.

While speaking on Wasafi FM, Fahvanny told Diva thee Bawse that they both put the past behind them and are now co-parenting.

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