Diamond's Artist Baba Levo Responds to Eric Omondi After He Insults Tanzanian Musicians

Tanzanian Singer Revokatus Chipando Alias Baba Levo, A Friend to Diamond Platnumz Recently Responded to Kenyan Comedian Eric Omondi’s Claims That Tanzanians Musicians Have Gone Astray.

Source: Baba Levo

Baba Levo did this after Eric shared a lengthy post on his social media criticizing Tanzanian artists.

Eric Omondi Criticizes Tanzanian Musicians

In the post that Eric shared, he stated that “Amapiano has killed Bongo flavor”

Eric said that the music genre from Tanzania that East Africans once loved has disappeared because many of their singers were opting to produce Amapiano songs.

Source: Eric Omondi

“East Africa I am sad! I weep for my people. I have so much sadness in my heart. Bongo flava has always been East Africa’s pride but for now it has died. Every Tanzanian artist now singer Amapiano” Eric stated.

Eric added that the singers are no longer unique because they adopted the South African genre and forgot their culture.

Source: Eric Omondi

“We have lost our culture, killed our own! We have copied and we have taken the behavior of our neighbors and we have forgotten ourselves. We are losing our identity, our pride!” He added.

In the same post, Eric pleaded with Tanzanian musicians to ditch Amapiano, and concentrate on Bongo Flava.

Source: Eric Omondi

“I beg my Bongo brothers to return before it’s too late! Kenyans are asleep, Tanzanians are lost. God have mercy on us” Eric wrote.

Baba Levo Responds to Eric Omondi

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In response to Eric's theatrics, Baba Levo questioned why he was so concerned about Tanzanian musicians and yet he was telling Kenyan DJs to stop playing Tanzanian music.

“We si uliandamana Mziki wa Tanzania usipigwe Kenya? (But you protested for Tanzanian music not to be played in Kenya)” Baba Levo asked Eric.

Source: Eric Omondi

Eric Orders Boycott of Harmonize and Ali Kiba’s Show

Eric’s rant about Tanzanian music comes a few weeks after he asked fans to boycott AfroVasha, a show that had Ali Kiba and Harmonize as headliners.

Eric asked Kenyans not to attend the event unless the organizers changed the event promotional poster that portrayed Kenyan artists as less significant.

Source: Harmonize

"These organizers are are uncouth and very disrespectful . We agreed that we are not attending any event that disrespects our very own. Why are our superstars portrayed in these posters as the lesser brand" Eric ranted.

He even gave the event organizers a three-hour Ultimatum to change the posters for the show.

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Fans React to Eric Omondi

His message created mixed reactions from his fans from all over East Africa especially, Tanzanians and Kenyans.

A number of his Tanzanian fans expressed their disappointment towards his statement. Some even reminded him that he is often treated with respect whenever he flies to Tanzania for a performance.

Source: Eric Omondi

While others disagreed with his sentiments, some showed him support but advised him to concentrate on comedy, not music.