Remembering Terrible Tragedies That Upset Ugandans in 2021

This year, Ugandans witnessed several tragedies, but; these three created more distress than anticipated.

Here is a list of three sad events that upset Ugandans.

1. General Wamala Katumba’s Assassination Attempt

On 1st June, General Wamala Katumba, the Minister of Transport and, Works survived an assassination attempt that led to the death of his daughter and bodyguard.

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The Attack on General Wamala Katumba

General Wamala and his entourage got attacked by gunmen in Bukoto.

Brigadier Flavia Byekwaso, the Army spokesperson, reported that the assailants riding on two motorcycles shot at Wamala’s official army vehicle killing his daughter and driver on the spot.

However, the Minister escaped with minor injuries and; was taken to a nearby hospital.

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The news of his attack spread all over the country after gory images of the Minister soaked in blood while standing next to his car at the bloody crime scene went viral.

Suspects Arrested

In July, Police Officers arrested the suspects, and one got shot and killed in the process.

2. Masaka Machete Killings

In August, the residents of Masaka district called upon the government to investigate the machete killings that had claimed about thirty lives in two months.

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The Police Spokesman said that the machete murderers who terrorized the villagers in that region targeted mainly the elderly and hacked them to death.

Suspects Arrested

Two prominent Ugandan opposition lawmakers, MPs Muhammad Ssegirinya and Allan Sewanyana of the National Unity Platform, were accused in the Masaka magistrates court of the murders.

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Elias Lukwago, their lawyer, revealed that the two MPs were facing three counts of murder and one of attempted murder.

However, they denied all the charges. He further referred to their arrest as political persecution by the current government.

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On the other hand, Police Spokesman Fred Enanga disclosed that the suspects detained over the murders alleged that the MPs orchestrated the violence to create fear in the region.

Bobi Wine Defends Ssegirinya and Allan Sewanyana

Robert Kyagulanyi, alias Bobi Wine, condemned the allegations levelled against his team. He said that the accusations were a conspiracy by the ruling government to slander the opposition.

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"When the president said recently (the) opposition was behind the killings we thought it was a bad joke. But when the police summoned our MPs, we knew the grand plan by (the) regime to implicate NUP leaders in the killings was being implemented," Robert Kyagulanyi said.

As of now, Muhammad Ssegirinya is out on bail.

3. Kampala Twin Bombings

After ten years, Ugandans once again experienced the terror of suicide bombers after twin attacks occurred in Kampala.

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The attacks took place in the city centre on 9th November, killing about three people and injuring 33.

In a press conference, Police Spokesman Fred Enanga disclosed that three suicide bombers executed the blasts that happened within three minutes of each other.

He said that the first attack was by a single suicide bomber who detonated the device near the checkpoint at the police station.

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Mr Enanga added that the second blast at Parliament Avenue was by two suicide bombers on motorbikes.

Enanga further disclosed Police Officers stopped a third attack after they trailed and neutralized one of the suicide bombers.

Gruesome photos from the scene got shared all over social media as Ugandans discussed the tragedy. There were also pictures of injured and bloodied officers; lying on the ground and burnt vehicles.

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These twin blasts were the latest in a string of attacks witnessed this year. The first was at a local bar in the city. While the other was on a bus.

The Arrest of the Suspects

Following these attacks, over 20 suspects from the Islamist militant ADF got arrested by Security forces. A Sheikh accused of working with the rebel group by recruiting and training children was shot dead during a high chase pursuit.

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Since the attacks, 13 suspects, mainly children, got captured while fleeing into the Democratic Republic of Congo. Also, four alleged ADF rebels got killed near the same area.

The Uganda Peoples Defence Forces are currently in the Democratic Republic of Congo, battling the ADF rebels.