‘The Best Investment Ever’ Vera Sidika Reveals Where She Got Her Teeth and Breast Implants Done.

Where did Vera Sidika get her breast implants? Did Vera Sidika have surgery?

Of late, Socialite Vera Sidika has been letting in fans on the cost of some of her pricey investments. This afternoon, Vera disclosed to her fans that her perfect white dental formula cost her millions. She added that she does not regret spending that much since it is one of her best investments.  Vera also bragged that people are always captivated by her teeth. She said that they always stare at them while she’s talking.

‘So many compliments on my dental formula from the videos. Thank you! The best investment ever! I spent millions on my teeth and it was totally worth it. Honestly, it changes your entire face. Whenever I’m talking to someone, they just stare at my teeth’ She wrote. In another post, Vera advised her fans to use professional surgeons while getting surgery. She also disclosed that she did her veneers and boob job in Beverly Hills. ‘God bless whoever invented veneers. Oh plus! You must get it done by a professional. Otherwise you’ll end up getting horse teeth so big you end up looking funny. That’s why I only get work done in Beverly Hills. I sis my boobs and veneers there. It’s expensive but worth every penny.’  She wrote. What do you think about Vera’s smile? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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