Photos of Zari Hassan’s Son Raphael and His Girlfriend

Raphael, the second child of Ugandan Socialite Zari Hassan, is currently in a relationship, and it seems like he has his mother’s blessing.

Source: Zari Hassan

Lately, Raphael and his girlfriend Leila Sono have been flaunting their relationship online by sharing photos of each other on their respective social media pages.

Zari is in full support of the relationship because; she often likes the photos they post. She even shared a photo of Raphael and Leila posing in front of a mirror a few days ago.

Source: Zari Hassan

Raphael’s relationship status resonates with his mother’s past explanation about his sexuality.

Raphael Claims to Be Gay

Last year, Raphael shook the internet after he confessed that he was a member of the LGBTQ community.

He made this revelation through a video on his Instagram, which he captioned “Don’t judge me, I’m coming out,”

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Raphael Denies Being Gay

A few days after his confession, Raphael hopped on his Instagram live and denied being in the LGBTQ community.

Raphael said he was showing a frightened friend how to come out to his parents. He added that the video was misunderstood and blown out of proportion.

Source: Leila Sono

"A few days ago I went live. I was reading my dm and someone told me that they are scared to go tell their parents that they are gay. So I said I’m gonna help you don’t worry. I’m gonna go live and say I’m gay just to show you that this is not as bad as it seems. Take from what I say and put it into your own words” Raphael explained.

Raphael added that his friend was supposed to emulate his behavior while telling his parents about his preference in the same gender.

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“That’s what I did, I was helping someone who was afraid to tell their parents that they are gay. I’m not gay first of all let me make that clear. Show them that it is easy to just open up, it’s not that hard to open up but I’m not gay. I said everything word by word to help this person” he added.

Zari Defends Her Son

Zari also corroborated his story during an interview with Wasafi Media during her trip to Tanzania. She said that Raphael usually behaves in a certain way to get attention online.

Source: Leila Sono

"Raphael tu anaona tu akifanyanga vitu vingine anapata attention kwenye social media. So he always goes with that. Sometimes he chases clout” said Zari.

Zari added that he was not gay and that he had a girlfriend. She further explained that her son is a teenager, and children of that age often act irrationally.

Source: Leila Sono

"I know the truth and inge kuwa kabisa ule ni gay I would have felt somehow. Lakini he is straight. He actually has a girlfriend. My son is a teenager. He is going through a process yani ile adolescence. A whole lot of things happen to you" She added.