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Supportive Wife: Zari Hassan Shows Off Her Husband’s Shop in Kampala

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Eddie Butita Reveals What Steve Harvey Told Him During US Visit

Kenyan comedian and movie producer Eddie Butita recently shared an exciting update on his social media, revealing a memorable encounter with American television host Steve Harvey. During a visit to the Tyler Perry Studios with President Ruto, Butita had the chance to meet his long-time idol, Harvey. In his post, Butita expressed his gratitude to President Ruto for the unique opportunity that turned his dream into reality. "Thank you, Mr. President, for this honorable connection. Meeting Steve Harvey has been a dream for the past 14 years, and today it became a reality," he wrote. Butita recounted a moment from their conversation that left a lasting impression. "I saw you on YouTube," Harvey told him, acknowledging Butita's work and presence in the digital space. This recognition from such a prominent figure in the entertainment industry was a significant milestone for the Kenyan comedian. “We had great conversations on how to equip and train talents for business

Snippet: ‘Work Me Out’ Wizkid and Shenseea Set to Release a New Hit This Friday

Jamaican sensation Shenseea and Nigerian Afrobeats superstar Wizkid are set to heat up the airwaves with their new single, "Work Me Out," dropping this Friday. The highly anticipated track promises to be a fusion of dancehall and Afrobeats, blending Shenseea's vibrant, energetic style with Wizkid's signature smooth, catchy rhythms. Shenseea, known for her dynamic performances and chart-topping hits like "Blessed" and "ShenYeng Anthem," announced the exciting news on her social media platform with a video of herself in the studio dancing to a snippet of the song. The teaser has already created a buzz, with fans eagerly anticipating what promises to be the perfect party anthem. From the snippet, "Work Me Out" features a catchy beat and lyrics that celebrate intimacy, love, and dance, making it an ideal track for gatherings and nights out.  As two of the most influential artists in their respective genres, Shenseea and Wizkid teaming up mark

Burna Boy Reveals Why He Isn't Ready for Kids Yet

In a recent online session, Nigerian music sensation Burna Boy, whose real name is Damini Ebunoluwa Ogulu, opened up about his decision to hold off on having children for now. The Grammy-winning artist shared his personal views on parenthood, emphasizing the high standards he holds for himself when it comes to raising a family. "Why haven’t I had kids yet? Bro, cause I don't wanna have kids yet," Burna Boy stated unequivocally. "Like, have you seen my operation? Have you seen my mom, the way she loves me? Have you seen my dad, the way he loves me? Bra, I know I can't give that to no one right now with the life I live. You feel me?" said Burna.  Burna Boy expressed a deep understanding of the level of commitment and presence he believes his future children deserve. "When I'm settled, I can be there for my children every single day. Every minute of every f..king day, I am not having no kids. Real talk. That’s just me, that’s just a personal thing. You

Photos of 9 Female Kenyan celebrities whose children look exactly like them.

Female Kenyan celebrities often share photos of their children on their social media. I must say, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. It is easy to see the striking resemblance they share. Here are the photos of nine female celebrities and their look-alike children.  Corazon Kwamboka and Baby Tayari.  When Corazon first posted her son, Tayari Kiarie, fans couldn’t get over how similar he looked to his mother.  Jackie Matubia and her daughter Zari.   Looking at these two, you would think they are the same person at different ages. Youtuber Yummy Mummy and her daughter Tana.  The little princess looks just like her gorgeous mummy. YouTuber Milly Wajesus and her son Taji Wajesus . Baby Taji actually looks like both his parents. Wahu Kagwi and her daughter Tumiso Mathenge. Judy Nyawira Mutua and her daughter Steph.  Don't these two look like sisters? Nana Owiti and her daughter Gweth. For more entertainment and celebrity news, follow this blog.

Married Celebrities Who Met While They Were Still in School

Love is a beautiful feeling, and It is even better when you marry your best friend. Some people are lucky enough to stay in marriage till eternity, but others divorce several times before getting the right partner. Here are some of the celebrities who met at college and are still going strong. Nameless and Wahu David Mathenge, alias Nameless, and his wife, Wahu Kagwi, are undoubtedly the most adored celebrity couple in Kenya. Their love story began in 1998 while they were at the University of Nairobi. They have been together since then, and their family has grown as well. They have two daughters, Tumiso and Nyakio Mathenge. Abel Mutua and Judith Abel, the former Tahidi High actor, met his wife Judith Nyawira at the Kenya Institute of Mass Communication. Abel, who is currently a content creator, storyteller and creative director at Phil it TV, met his wife two months before leaving college. Judith was in her first year when they met, and; that is how their love story began until they

Nick Cannon Anapanua WildnOut kwa Afrika

Mchekeshaji maarufu wa Marekani na mtangazaji wa televisheni Nick Cannon amefichua mipango yake ya kuleta onyesho lake la kuvutia la vichekesho, WildnOut, barani Afrika. Rapa huyo mwenye vipaji vingi alitoa tangazo hilo la kusisimua kwenye jukwaa lake la mtandao wa kijamii X, na kuibua shangwe kubwa miongoni mwa mashabiki kote barani. Katika chapisho lake, Cannon alitoa wito kwa mashabiki kuteua na kuwatambulisha wacheshi wa kipekee zaidi barani Afrika ili wajiunge na timu yake mahiri kwa toleo la WildnOut African. Wito huu wa kuchukua hatua ulizua shauku kubwa, huku mashabiki kutoka nchi mbalimbali za Afrika wakiweka tagi na kutuma tena kuunga mkono wacheshi wanaowapenda. “Afrika, uko tayari?! Tunaleta WildnOut kwa Nchi ya Mama!! Natafuta watu wa kuchekesha na wenye talanta zaidi Barani! Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, Botswana, Ghana, Misri , Morocco, Ethiopia, Somalia, Capetown na Johannesburg! Nchi gani ina wachekeshaji bora? Tunakaribia kujua! Zitambulishe, toa maoni na Uchapishe tena! T