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Maturity! Zari and Tanasha Donna Party Together in Uganda

Ugandan reality star Zari Hassan and Kenyan singer Tanasha Donna, both moms to Diamond's kids, brought the fun to Zari’s All White Party in Kampala, Uganda. The recent meetup between contradicts earlier rumors of bad blood following a 2019 incident where Zari subtly shaded Diamond and Tanasha’s relationship. However, it seems like all that is in the past now. Zari and Tanasha’s friendly interaction throughout the event suggested that any previous issues might have been resolved. The paparazzi caught them laughing and enjoying each other's company, dismissing the rumors of animosity or tension between them. This spoke volumes about their maturity. Both ladies demonstrated that they could put aside differences for their children and show respect. Interestingly, this reunion comes a couple of weeks after their children Tiffah, Nillan and Naseeb Junior met for the first time in Tanzania. Soon after, the toddlers, along with their dad, hopped on a private jet to Rwanda, where they a

Vanessa Mdee na Rotimi Wanapostiwa Picha ya Kupendeza ya Mtoto wao

Mwimbaji wa Kitanzania Vanessa Mdee na mchumba wake mwigizaji wa Nigeria na Amerika Rotimi Akinosho ndio wazazi maarufu wa hivi karibuni. Vanessa na Rotimi wote walishiriki habari za kuwasili kwa mwanachama wao mpya zaidi wa familia kwenye akaunti zao za media ya kijamii na picha ya kupendeza. Ndani yake, mtoto alikuwa na vidole vyake vidogo vilivyofungwa kwenye moja ya vidole vya mzazi wake. Katika chapisho hilo, Vanessa na Rotimi pia walifunua kwamba mtoto wao anaitwa Seven Adeoluwa Akinosho. Adeoluwa ni jina la Kinigeria kutoka kabila la Wayoruba ambalo linamaanisha taji ya Mungu. Tangazo hilo lilikuja masaa kadhaa baada ya picha ya Rotimi akiwa ameshikilia mtoto mchanga kuzaliwa. Walakini, baadaye iliibuka kuwa mtoto aliyeonekana na Rotimi ni wa dada yake. Hadithi ya mapenzi ya Vanessa na Rotimi inaendelea kuwa bora, na mashabiki wamepata fursa ya kuishuhudia. Kuanzia wakati walipoweka uhusiano wao hadharani kwa uchumba wao na ujauzito unafunua. Hongera kwa we

‘Don’t Torment Yourself Because of Your Past Mistakes’ Socialite Amber Ray Advises Fans

Socialite Faith Makau, commonly known as Amber Ray, has seemingly turned into an online inspirational speaker. Lately, she has been sharing motivational messages on her social media. Last evening, she advised her fans to live in the present and not dwell on past mistakes. Amber said that most people live in anguish and torment themselves over their past blunders. She advised her fans against living that way and said that they should take it easy on themselves and embrace the lessons they’ve learnt along the way. She shared the message via a post on her Instagram with photos of herself in her posh house enjoying a drink. ‘You all be beating yourself up about the mistakes you’ve made in the past as if you have been here twice or something. This is your first time living this life. Give yourself some grace as you’ve learned to navigate through it. You don’t know what you don’t know till you know better’ Amber wrote.

‘Savara of Sauti Sol Was My Dancer' Daddy Owen Talks About His Past with The Singer

Gospel Singer Owen Mwatia, alias Daddy Owen, recently opened up about his relationship with Sauti Sol member Delvin Mudigi, commonly known as Savara. Daddy Owen revealed that before Savara turned to music, he was one of his dancers for several years. He told fans that Savara confided in him about switching careers just before he became a musician. ‘Many don't know that @Savarafrica of Sauti Sol was my dancer for many years. and i vividly remember when he came to me with a guitar telling me now he wants to transition from a dancer to a singer. and the rest is history! We had a great conversation. down memory lane’ Daddy Owen wrote. It seems like Savara made the best decision of his life by becoming a musician because he is currently a part of Sauti Sol, one of the best boy bands in Africa. He has won the hearts of many with his charming melodious voice and striking appearance that fans can’t get enough of.

Vanessa Mdee and Rotimi Share an Adorable Photo of Their Son Seven

Tanzanian Singer Vanessa Mdee and her fiancé Nigerian-American actor Rotimi Akinosho are the latest celebrity parents.  Vanessa and Rotimi both shared the news of the arrival of their newest member of the family on their respective social media accounts with an adorable photo. In it, the baby had his tiny fingers wrapped around one of his parent’s fingers. In the post, Vanessa and Rotimi also revealed that their son is called Seven Adeoluwa Akinosho. Adeoluwa is a Nigerian name from the Yoruba tribe that means the crown of God. The announcement came several hours after a photo of Rotimi holding a newborn baby went viral. However, it later emerged that the baby spotted with Rotimi belongs to his sister. Vanessa and Rotimi’s love story keeps getting better, and fans have had the privilege of witnessing it. Right from the time they made their relationship public to their engagement and the pregnancy reveal. Congratulations to the couple on the birth of their son Seven A

Amber Ray Defends Herself Following Her Recent Stunt with Comedian Eric Omondi

Kenyan socialite Faith Makau, alias Amber Ray, took to her social media last evening to defend herself following her recent stunt with comedian Eric Omondi. Last evening, Amber told her fans that her behaviour as a single woman is not the same as when in a relationship. She added that she knows her limits. Therefore, people should not judge her based on how she acts when she is not dating.  She announced this on her Instagram along with a photo of herself dressed in blue Muslim attire and a headscarf of the same colour.  ‘I don’t know who needs to hear this but single me and relationship me are two different people. I know how to stop being a when I need to be. We ain’t the same’ She wrote.  Her post comes a few days after she and comedian Eric Omondi gave fans the impression that they were dating. They started the narrative by sharing photos and videos of themselves on their respective social media platforms, getting cosy. Amber then teased her fans duri

Kenyan Singer Nadia Mukami's New Boyfriend Cooks For Her Amidst Break Up Rumors

Kenyan songbird Nadia Mukami and her new boyfriend Yusuf Ali, alias Arrow Bwoy are still going strong despite the rumours of their separation.  Last evening, Arrow Bwoy stepped into the kitchen and whipped up a meal for his lady. Nadia could not hide her excitement as she took to her Instagram to inform her fans. She shared a photo of him in the kitchen, standing by the counter cooking while she sat by smiling.  'He's cooking tonight' She captioned the photo. This post comes a few weeks after rumours of their break up spread on social media. It all started after Nadia shared a cryptic post saying, ' A mistake is an accident. Cheating and lying are not mistakes; they are intentional choices. Stop hiding behind the word mistake when you get caught. ' Nadia further stirred up the pot by unfollowing Arrow Bwoy and deleting all their photos and videos together on Instagram. Many interpreted her move as the end of their relationship. However, judgi

Victoria University Defends Hiring Bad Black as an Ambassador Following the Online Backlash

The Management of Victoria University Has Revealed Why They Hired Ugandan Socialite Bad Black as Their Brand Ambassador Following the Backlash Online. On 27th September, Shanitah Namuyimbwa, commonly known as Bad Black, took to her social media to announce that she had bagged a major deal as the ambassador of Victoria University in Uganda. Source: Bad Black She shared photos of the ceremony on her Twitter with pictures from the ceremony. In one of the photos, she was shaking hands with a member of the administration. In another, she showed off the contract that stated that her services would start on 27th September 2021 and end on 27th September 2022. Source: Bad Black The announcement created mixed reactions amongst social media users. While some praised her for landing the role, others questioned how she qualified for the position. Many wanted to know how a woman with her reputation could represent an Institution. However, yesterday, the Management of Victoria

6 Rich African Celebrities With Many Hot Baby Mamas and Many Children

When God said: "man should go and multiply, " These male celebrities took it seriously. I mean, who can blame them? Not only are they attractive, but; they also have the means to take care of their multiple children and their different mothers. Here is a list of some of the irresistible African men who have children with several women. Frankie Just Gym It. Frankie is a YouTuber and Fitness coach and he is one of the sexiest social media influencers in Kenya. Source: Afro Entertainment He has three handsome sons with two beautiful, intelligent women. His first two children Lexy and Kai, are by his ex-fiancé YouTuber, Maureen Waititu. Maureen and Frankie split in 2019. Their separation played out in public after Maureen accused him of entertaining other women. Source: Google A few months later, Frankie got into a relationship with Socialite Corazon Kwamboka, the mother of his youngest son, Tayari Kiarie. She is currently expecting his fourth child. However,