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'I’m not in a rush to accept small deals' Diamond's Baby Mother Tanasha Donna Speaks Out.

Tanasha Donna has revealed that she is not in a hurry to make small business transactions at the moment. The songbird said that she only needs durable contacts that will build her brand. Tanasha revealed this through a written post online and added that she currently wants to perfect her vocal skills.  ‘I’m not in no rush to accept small deals with no long-term value. I’m being very deliberate and intentional with every move I make henceforth' She said. ‘Let me focus on perfecting my craft to the core till a serious deal comes about. Everything is God’s timing. In other words, meet my price and show me the long-term value and let’s really talk business’  She added. What do you think of this move by Tanasha Donna given that she is still an upcoming artist? Please share with us your thoughts in the comment section below. Follow this blog for updates on the latest entertainment and celebrity news in East Africa.

'Start with low paying jobs' Socialite Huddah Monroe Advises Job Seekers.

  Lately, Socialite Huddah Monroe has been sharing life skills and business tips with her fans.  This evening, Huddah advised her fans to take up low job opportunities in the area of their study. She added that these jobs give one the experience to elevate to the next level. ‘Instead of rushing. If there’s no job opportunities in whatever you studied go for the lowest. Start there. You’ll have working experience. Every level in life is a learning lesson’  The post read. She accompanied her message with boxer Conor McGregor’s inspiring life story. The post revealed that Conor got bullied in his childhood. He worked twelve hours a day as a plumber and survived on social welfare. However, in 2013, he joined UFC, and two years later, he won a UFC title. It also revealed that he sold his whiskey company for six hundred million US dollars. Follow the East Africa Buzz for updates on the best entertainment and celebrity news in the region. 

‘See you soon Tanzania’ Diamond’s Baby Mother Zari Hassan Announces Her Return to Tanzania.

Ugandan Socialite Zari Hassan excited her Tanzanian fans this afternoon after announcing her trip to the country.  The gorgeous socialite cum entrepreneur told fans that she and the Softcare team have a surprise prepared for them.  She then mentioned a couple of places on her schedule during her stay in Tanzania.  Zari shared the news via her Instagram page in a post written in fluent Swahili. She accompanied it with a poster of Softcare sanitary pads.  ‘Wake wangu Tandale mpooo. Ilala mbagala yani Dar nzima bila kuwasahau mahost zangu wa buza kwa kulengee alafu namalizia kwa Mpalange’ she announced.  ‘Nimewamisije sasa. Team mzima wa Softcare tunajambo letu. Are you guys ready? Mtoto wa kike kujiamini wee sanitary pad ’ She added.  Zari visited Tanzania in November last year when she accompanied her children Princess Tiffah and Prince Nillan to reunite their father and his family. Do you think she will come with her children as well?  Please share your thoughts in the

Kenyan Singer Akothee Praises Harmonize's Ex-Girlfriend Wolper and Her Baby Daddy.

Not long ago, Tanzanian actress Wolper, who is the ex-girlfriend of Tanzanian Singer Harmonize, gave birth to her first child with her new boyfriend. Kenyan Singer Esther Akothee is one of the celebrities who have reached out to her. The singer recently penned down a congratulatory message for the new mother. In the message Akothee shared on her Instagram, she congratulated Wolper for her new baby and praised the father of her child for being supportive. ‘ This one is gold. The love and support every woman needs. My Queen Sister Wolper Stylish May God bless your family. Congratulations moma, welcome to motherhood ’ she wrote. Akothee accompanied the post with a photo of Wolper, her baby, and her boyfriend. In the photo shared, Wolper was carrying her child and her baby daddy walking beside her with a baby carrier basket. Follow the East Africa Buzz; for daily and consistent updates on the latest entertainment and celebrity news in the region.

‘Let them think whatever they want’ Socialite Amber Ray Speaks Out Following Interview Rumors.

Kenyan Socialite Amber Ray recently asked her fans whether she should have an interview with Jalango. Surprisingly, many of them agreed. When Amber asked why she should do it, a fan told her to prove to haters that the rumors about her are false.  Amber then revealed that she does not feel the need to correct people’s perceptions of her. Amber said that there is no point in arguing with those who have already made up their mind not to like her. She added that she prefers living her life and not interfering with the opinions others might have about her. ‘I fight a lot with my family and friends cause of this. But I feel like proving points to people who have already chosen not to like you. Is the beginning of losing yourself. There’s so much frustration in rejection. In my world I say, let them think whatever they want as I keep on moving forward’  She wrote.  Do you think Amber should go for an interview? Please share your reasons in the comment section below. Follow the East Africa Bu

Anerlisa Muigai Makes a New Revelation About Her Late Sister Tecra Muigai.

It's been over a year since Anerlisa Muigai lost her younger sister Tecra Muigai, but she keeps sharing beautiful memories and traits that her sister possessed. Anerlisa recently revealed through her Insta stories that Tecra was the most intelligent member of their family. The Nero CEO shared a video of a bookshelf that contained several books, and disclosed that Tecra had read all the books on that shelf. 'Can you imagine my sister read all these books. She was so smart. Nobody was as smart as her in the family. Too Genius'  She wrote. Tecra Muigai died due to injuries that she sustained after falling down the stairs while in Lamu with her boyfriend.  Before her death, Tecra Muigai worked as the Strategy and Innovation Director at Keroche Breweries Limited, a company owned by her family.  Follow the East Africa Buzz; for daily and consistent updates on the latest entertainment and celebrity news in the region. 

Former Governor Sonko Defends Young Gospel Musician Who Proposed to His 51-Year-Old Girlfriend.

Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko recently took to his social media to defend gospel artist Guardian Angel and his older fiancé, Esther Musila.  In an Instagram post, Sonko called out the trolls making unpleasant remarks about their union. He asked the haters to let the couple be. ‘This beautiful lady called Esther Musila works with the UN. She is 51 years old. Yesterday she got engaged to 30-year-old gospel musician Guardian Angel. I have just seen some evil-minded people bad-mouthing her and trolling her as grandmother. This is totally unfair’ he stated. ‘Nyinyi mukitaka pia muowane ama muolewe wachaneni na maisha ya watu. Buree kabisa Nyinyi unto you Esther and Guardians Angel’ he added. Sonko concluded his message with a congratulatory message for the couple. ‘Congratulations on your marriage, I’m wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness. May the years ahead be filled with joy’ He wrote. Love has no bounds, and for that, we wish Esther and her fiancé all the best as they em