'Liposuction is very painful' Risper Faith Opens Up About Her Liposuction Journey.

Gorgeous Kenyan Socialite Risper Faith recently shared her liposuction journey with fans online. In a video uploaded on her YouTube channel, Risper explained why she opted for the surgery. She said that after the caesarian birth of her child, her stomach became so big, and it was hard for her to get back to the body she had before. She said that she tried using waist trainers, but they were so uncomfortable. She also tried going to the gym, but it did not eliminate her pouch. ‘Before getting married and having a baby, my body was perfect. I did CS so it was hard for me to get back my body which I had before. I wasn’t feeling sexy. My self-esteem ilikuwa imeshukwa chini. That’s why I made a decision to go for liposuction. It is a beautiful journey but it is one hell of an experience’ She said. Risper revealed that she had to take a series of tests before her surgery. She said that on the morning of her procedure, she was very nervous. 

‘The night before I went for surgery I never slept. So many things ran through my head. I was like what if something wrong happens to me? What if I die? What if the surgery does not go so well? What if I get complications? I am a wife; I am a mother. What will happen to my family especially my son because he really depends on me.’ She said. Risper revealed that her healing process after the surgery was painful. She also disclosed that she could hardly do anything because of the pain. ‘After recovery you have to go back there for them to massage your body to get the tumescent out of your body. Hio kitu ni uchungu sana. For the first two weeks its very painful. ’ She said.‘The worst part about liposuction is that you have to compress after the surgery. Healing process depends with the body and the procedure. Every person is different and my experience will not be like another person’s experience. But I won’t lie to you, liposuction is very painful’ She concluded. Follow this blog; for regular updates on the latest entertainment and celebrity news in the region.