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How To Check The 2023 KCPE Results On Your Phone

The 2023 Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) results have been announced by Education Cabinet Secretary Ezekiel Machogu. Over 1.4 million candidates sat for the exams, including approximately 1.2 million for the KPSEA (Grade 6) between October 30 and November 1, marking the transition from the 8-4-4 education system in primary schools. To access their results, candidates can use their phones to send their index number followed by the word 'KCPE' to the code 40054. Each SMS will incur a charge of Ksh. 25. For example, if a candidate's index number is 123456789, they would send '123456789KCPE' to 40054. Among the candidates, 8,523 scored above 400 marks, while 352,782 achieved marks between 300 and 399. The largest bracket, with 658,278 candidates, falls within the 200-299 mark range, while 38,3025 candidates scored between 100 and 199 marks. Those with less than 99 marks amounted to 2,060. School headteachers can obtain the KCPE results from sub-county educ

Aziza Frisby Death: Police Reveal Her Last Moments

The sudden death of 28-year-old social media personality, Aziza Janet, popularly known by her followers as Aziza Frisby, has prompted a thorough police investigation. Her lifeless body was discovered in her Kileleshwa residence on Wednesday morning.   What happened to Aziza Frisby? According to Aziza’s Tanzanian roommate, the duo had hosted friends at their apartment for a casual gathering on Tuesday. But later that evening, they both retreated to their respective rooms. The following morning, when Aziza did not come out of her room, her concerned roommate checked in on her, only to find her unresponsive on the bed. An ambulance was called to the scene and the medical personnel confirmed that Ms. Frisby had passed on hours earlier. The local police were then dispatched to determine if foul play was involved. As part of their probe, the drinks that were consumed on the fateful night have been collected as potential evidence. Earlier on today, a team of detectives visited the s

Aziza Frisby: Polisi Waanza Uchunguzi wa mauaji yake ya ajabu

Kifo cha ghafla cha mtangazaji wa mtandao wa kijamii Aziza Janet mwenye umri wa miaka 28, maarufu na wafuasi wake kama Aziza Frisby, kimesababisha uchunguzi wa kina wa polisi. Mwili wake bila uhai uligunduliwa katika makazi yake ya Kileleshwa Jumatano asubuhi. Nini kilitokea kwa Aziza Frisby? Kulingana na mtanzania anayeishi na Aziza, wawili hao walikuwa wamekaribisha marafiki kwenye nyumba yao kwa ajili ya mkusanyiko wa kawaida siku ya Jumanne. Lakini baadaye jioni hiyo, wote wawili walirudi kwenye vyumba vyao. Asubuhi iliyofuata, Aziza alipotoka chumbani kwake, mwenzake aliyekuwa na wasiwasi naye akaingia ndani na kumkuta kitandani akiwa hana mwitikio. Ambulensi iliitwa kwenye eneo la tukio na wafanyikazi wa matibabu walithibitisha kwamba Bi Frisby alikuwa amefariki saa kadhaa mapema. Kisha polisi wa eneo hilo walitumwa ili kubaini kama mchezo mchafu ulihusika. Eneo la Uhalifu Kama sehemu ya uchunguzi wao, vinywaji vilivyotumiwa usiku wa maafa vimekusanywa kama ushahidi unao

"They Had to Finish Her" Vera Sidika Suspects Foul Play in Aziza Frisby's Death

This afternoon, social media was abuzz with the news of the untimely passing of the stunning Instagram sensation, Aziza Frisby. In a moment of mourning, Real Housewives of Nairobi star Vera Sidika took to her Instagram to express her grief and subtly attack those she believes are responsible for Aziza’s death. In one of the posts on her Insta-stories, Vera alleged that Aziza’s death was no accident although she did not disclose more details. “I can promise you one thing, that girl’s star is too bright they couldn’t take it anymore. They had to finish her and we will get to the bottom of this. Jealousy everywhere. I know for sure what that city has turned into. You can’t trust nobody,” she wrote. Vera went on to describe Aziza as an unproblematic pure soul who was like a sister to her. The mother of two revealed that she had recently spoken to Aziza and was in disbelief that she is no more. Vera further revealed that she had sent Aziza a funny video and she didn't reply on