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Diamond Platnumz's Kenyan baby mama Tanasha Donna is back to Tanzania.

Tanasha Donna, the mother of Diamond Platnumz’s youngest child, is currently in Tanzania with their son. Yesterday the singer had an awkward moment with one of the Tanzanian bloggers who blocked her from entering her car. It all started when the female interviewer from the YouTube channel Dizzim online approached Tanasha for an interview. The singer was kind enough to respond to the questions she was being asked. As Tanasha rushed to the parking lot, the persistent interviewer followed her to the vehicle .  Tanasha tried to open the door to the car, but the interviewer held on to it and pushed it back. Though the singer was irritated by this move, she did not create a scene. Instead, she respectfully asked the interviewer to release the door so that she could get inside. After some hesitation, the reporter released the door and let Tanasha get into the car. Tanasha jetted into Tanzania for a music project and, also, to reunite her son Naseeb Junior with his father, Di

Diamond Platnumz: The king of music and fashion

Diamond Platnumz is without a doubt one of the most successful musicians in East Africa. Besides music, Diamond Platnumz is an inspiration to many when it comes to fashion. The singer has an incredible fashion sense, and he often impresses his fans with trendy attires on his social media and music videos. Here are some of the most stylish outfits that he has rocked this month. 1. Diamond wore this to his concert 2. 3. Diamond Platnumz also has a beautiful family. He has four children with three gorgeous women. Ugandan Socialite Zari Hassan is the mother of his first two children Princess Tiffah and Prince Nillan. Tanzanian Fashionista Hamisa Mobetto is the mother of his third child Dylan. Kenyan singer Tanasha Donna is the mother of His youngest son Naseeb Junior. Which of his January outfits do you like best? Let us know in the comment sections below. To get the latest celebrity and entertainment news, follow this blog. Happy New Year! As you go about your daily activities, reme

Meet Zuchu: The Tanzanian Singer Breaking Records

Meet Zuchu! As we count down days to February, the month of love, Tanzanian singer Zuhuru Othman Soud, popularly known as Zuchu, has given her fans an early gift by releasing a new single called Sukari. Sukari is a love song that compares the sweetness of love to sugar, that a lover cannot get enough of. Zuchu uploaded the audio version of her song to her official YouTube channel yesterday, and it was well-received by fans. It has received over 300,000 views already. In April 2020, Zuchu took the East African music scene by storm with the release of her debut EP ‘I am Zuchu.’ To date, she continues winning hearts with her soft angelic voice. Let me know what you think about her new single Sukari. Is it a hit or miss? Follow this blog to get the latest celebrity and entertainment news. Happy New Year! As you go about your daily activities, remember to always wear a mask when in a public place.

Kenyan Socialite Amber Ray shares how she pampers how her boyfriend Jamal

Kenyan Socialite Amber Ray is one of the most entertaining celebrities on social media. The cheeky socialite is deeply in love with her new boyfriend, businessman Jamal Marlow, and she does not attempt to hide it.  Yesterday, she revealed to her Instagram fans that her toxic feminism stops online. At home, she treats her man differently. She also warned her female fans that they should imitate her toxicity at their own risk. ‘I don’t know who needs to hear this but some of us are toxic feminist hapa online only. Kwa ground vitu ni different, we cook for our men, kneel for them, bath them and even give them money. So subscribe to our toxicity at your own risk. Dry spell itakua peke yako.’  She wrote. Amber and Jamal are currently one of the hottest celebrity couples in town. We do not know when they started dating, but they are already serving couple goals. To get daily and consistent celebrity and entertainment news, follow this blog. Happy New Year! As you go about your daily activiti

Kenyan YouTuber Maureen Waititu shares a message on mental health

Maureen Waititu As we get on with the week, Kenyan Youtuber Maureen Waititu has a word of encouragement for her female fans. The gorgeous digital content creator is a big advocate for mental health and self-confidence and, she often encourages and motivates her fans through her social media account. Recently, she posted a photo of herself with a message about Grace on her Instagram. ‘Sis give yourself more of it. More it’s fine I’ll finish tomorrow. More I don’t have the capacity to do that right now. More I am resting from all the responsibilities today. More I can’t do everything and that’s alright.’ She wrote. Maureen Waititu is also a model and lawyer. Despite being a lawyer by profession, Maureen does not practice it. She took a sabbatical to allow her bond with her children. She is a mother to two beautiful sons Alexander and Kai Kiarie, who she shares with her ex-partner Frankie Just Gym It. Remember to follow this blog for the latest celebrity and entertainment news. Happy N

Tanasha Donna: Meet Diamond Platnumz beautiful baby mother.

Kenyan Singer Tanasha Donna is without a doubt one of the prettiest celebrities in the Kenyan entertainment industry. Every time the singer uploads a photo to her social media, she receives massive praise from her fans. Today, Tanasha Donna shared several gorgeous pictures of herself on her Instagram, and her fans could not keep calm. The gorgeous mother of one poses on a staircase clad in a white tee and black latex pants in the photos. As usual, fans filled her comment section with praises and words of encouragement. Here are some of their reactions. 'Mama Chibu Nyange.' 'Mondi cjui kwann kakuacha jaman yani mtoto mzuri kama umejambwa.' 'U look good.' Besides her beauty, Tanasha Donna is also a very talented singer with a couple of hit songs, which include: Gere featuring Diamond Platnumz, La Vie featuring Mbosso, Kalypso featuring Khalighraph Jones, and many others. To get the latest celebrity and entertainment news, follow this blog. Happy New Year! Stay sa

Kenyan Youtuber Yummy Mummy's daughter turns a year old.

Today Kenyan YouTuber Joan Munyi, popularly known as Yummy Mummy, took to her social media to celebrate her daughter's first birthday. The gorgeous mother of three shared several adorable photos of Baby Mutana with a sweet cheeky caption. 'A cake was harmed during the making of these images. Thank you Mystic bakers for making Tana's first birthday photoshoot special. She loved it. My baby is 1. I can't believe it you guys.' She wrote. Throughout the day, the YouTuber shared with fans cute throwback photos from last year when Baby Mutana Njoki Munyi was born. She shared a baby photo from the day she was born. She captioned it: 'A year ago today, my heart arrived.' In another post, Yummy Mummy also revealed that she is emotional today because, unlike her other children, she spent a lot of time with Baby Tana, and she has watched her grow. 'When Ethan was 3 months old I went back to uni. When Keni was 2.5 months old, I went back to work. With Tana, becau

Regina Daniels: The 20-year-old Nigerian actress living her best life.

Who is Regina Daniels? Nollywood actress Regina Daniels is one of the most adored and loved actresses in the Nigerian film industry.  The 20-year-old is not only known for her talent but also her extravagant and luxurious lifestyle.  She is currently married to a wealthy entrepreneur and Politician, Ned Nwoko. Together they have a seven-month-old son, Prince Munir Nwoko. The gorgeous actress has a massive following on her social media that she often entertains with photos from her daily activities and family moments. Yesterday, the beautiful mother of one shared several photos of herself living it up accompanied by a word of wisdom for her fans. 'When you reject yourself. You impair your rightful wealth. Wishing everyone a fruitful week.'  She wrote. Regina Daniels is not only an actress but also a film producer. She started her career at the age of seven. Ever since then, she has starred in over twenty-eight movies. Remember to follow this blog for daily and consistent ente

New Anchor Lillian Muli answers personal questions about her life.

There is this Instagram game that all celebrities are taking part in this week. In the game, they invite their fans to ask them any question.  Today, Kenyan News Anchor Lillian Muli joined in the game. She invited her fans to ask her questions, and they came through. Most fans asked her private questions, and to their surprise, she candidly answered them. Here are ten personal questions that she answered. 1. Are you dating. Lillian Muli: no. 2. Are you married? Lillian Muli: Lol. No dear seems I'm not cut out for that. 3. How tall are you? Lillian Muli: 5'6 4. Are you a loner? You seem not to have as many girlfriends as you used to a few years ago. Lillian Muli: I have always had more male pals. Not a loner no and also my girlfriends are very few. 5. What's your favorite meal? What's your dream destination? How are your boys doing? Lillian Muli: I am into Indian cuisine. I want to go to Hawaii, my boys are awesome. 6. Biggest regret? Lillian Muli: Falling in love wit