'Today They Love You, Tomorrow They Insult You' Boniface Mwangi Exposes a Fan

Activist Boniface Mwangi recently disclosed the reason why he never pays attention to what fans write to him. The photographer said that he does not let the comments from his followers get to him even though they are positive. He added that the same people who compliment and glorify a celebrity are the very ones who hurl insults at them.

He even shared an incident where a fan sent him a hateful message for a recent video he shared. The same fan sent him another praising him and calling him a legend. He also shared a screenshot of the messages to prove his point. 

‘This screenshot is the reason I just focus on what I really care about irrespective of what people think. If you let people’s praise of criticism sway you, you will end up killing yourself. Some of those who bless you today will curse you tomorrow and the reverse is true. It’s impossible to please everyone. Focus on your vision and let people talk, they will always talk’ He wrote.