“You are clowns” Zari Hassan blasts Kenyan Singer Bamboo and his wife

In the realm of online drama, Ugandan sensation Zari Hassan is taking no prisoners! The gorgeous reality star recently unleashed her fury on Snapchat, putting Kenyan singer Timothy Kimani, popularly known as Bamboo, and his spouse Erica Kimani in the hot seat for allegedly circulating false claims about her.

Surprisingly, Zari's uproar traces back to a video segment from Bamboo and Erica's YouTube channel. Dated 9th June 2023, this now-viral clip features the couple diving deep into their personal battles against devil-worship.  

But things took a scandalous turn when they accused Zari of being an agent of the devil from the marine kingdom. Their accusations didn't stop there. The couple went on to assert that Zari orchestrated her husband's demise to grab his riches. Erica also alleged that Zari is still actively recruiting people into the marine kingdom.

Well, it seems like Zari got wind of all these accusations and she was less than amused. In her fiery Snapchat post, she wrote, 
“Ekyenaku this is someone’s father, brother, husband on national TV selling lies. The disgrace nswala on your behalf. And someone’s mother, auntie, granny, sister to mention but a few. Muswaza plus the TV station that allows such nonsense, walahi your clowns. 2 grown ass adults. Please don’t bring me to your circus.”  

To emphasize her point, Zari also threw in a screenshot of the viral video of Bamboo and Erica.

As of now, neither Erica nor Bamboo have responded to Zari. And when they do, I’ll be sure to keep you updated. Otherwise, let me know what do you think about this situation? 
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