Queens: Best Female African Musicians 2021

Have you heard these women sing?
Kelly Khumalo, South Africa

'Ngiyathemb' uyabonaSofea khon' empini……. Just take some time off and listen her music. She has a strong saintly voice. This South African vocal queen is known for her flawless live performances and incredible fashion   


I first got to know her after listening to ‘Dance Comigo’ after that, I camped at her YouTube channel till I had heard all her songs.  

                                                               WAHU, Kenya

‘It’s a feeling in my soul, feeling in my heart filling me up from my head to my toes’  Remember when Wahu serenaded her unborn baby with these exact words? 

This particular single introduced Wahu’s magnificent voice to the rest of East Africa. To-date, Wahu continues to impress her fans with her timeless vocal prowess even in the gospel industry.

Tiwa Savage, Nigeria

Tiwa Savage is good for your soul!’  Here’s another vocal queen whose voice can take you to the sky and back.

 Savage is incredible in her art and for this she has won several awards.

Vanessa Mdee, Tanzania

She has an angelic voice. She has one of those melodic hypnotic voices that send one to bliss. Her videos are always colorful, playful and flirtatious. She’s a good girl with a naughty alter-ego. 
A few months ago she announced that she would not be doing music anymore. I hope she changes her mind though. It would be sad to lose a vocally gifted musician like her.

Rema Namakula, Uganda

Africa is sleeping on this lady. Namakula Rema is a beautiful female musician from Uganda. She has an angelic voice .
 It is unique innocent and persuasive as well. With her vocals, a man will apologize to you for anything and everything.

Sanaipei Tande, Kenya

Her voice is undeniably pure perfection. She knows how to express love, pain, joy and seduction through her voice. When she sings, you instantly feel the emotion.

                                                                                                                                                      Simi, Nigeria
#Number 1 goes to Simi’s voice. Even when she sings Afro-pop, her soft voice calmly commands good vibes and merry-making.

 I am obsessed with her ‘Simisola’ and ‘Charlie’ albums. While pregnant with her first child, she recorded a song for her little angel. Little did she know that the song would become a massive hit.