'We will have an after tears party' Zari Hassan tells off critics.

Ugandan Socialite Zari Hassan is back at it again.Ever since the gorgeous mother of five made her relationship public, she has filled our timelines with adorable cozy photos with her tall, dark, and handsome boyfriend. While most fans are happy that Zari is finally in love again, trolls have filled her timeline with hateful comments about her new relationship.However, Zari is not the kind of person to let trolls get past her. 

In response to all the critics, Zari shared a sarcastic meme on her Instagram stories today. It read: ‘Even if it ends in tears, are they your tears?’ 

She accompanied the meme with a message in which she joked that; she will have an after tears party if her relationship ends.

 ‘We will have an after tears party. People surely love misery; you simply hate seeing others happy. Well, it’s all good with me.’ She added. All the drama aside, we wish Zari and her new man all the best in their journey. As you enjoy the month of love, show us some love by following this blog to get the latest entertainment and celebrity news in the region.