Curvy Socialite Vera Sidika slams bloggers for writing this about her. Here's what she had to say.

Today, socialite Vera Sidika had enough time for bloggers. The curvy beauty took to her Instagram to slam them for writing false stories about her. Recently, one of the blogs circulated a false story insinuating that Vera tripped and fell while entertaining guests. The blogger even attached a video to the article. However, it was evident that the lady in the video was not Vera. Anyways, it seems Vera got wind of the video, and she was not happy about it. In her response, she called bloggers out for always fabricating demeaning stories using her name.

‘Ati Vera Sidika falls on stage while entertaining guests. Why would a blogger in his/her right sense just sit and create lies though?’ She wrote.

‘Are y’all blind can’t see whoever you claim is me doesn’t even look anything like me! Why not write about Veetox and how it helps people lose weight and burn belly fat.’ She added.

She concluded her post with: ‘Y’all have energy to paint negativity on people but nothing to uplift them! Shame on you!’What do you think about Vera’s reaction? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. Follow this blog for daily and consistent celebrity and entertainment news in the region.