Socialite Huddah Monroe Reveals What Teenage Girls Request for in Her DM.

Huddah Monroe is one of the celebrities who is never afraid to speak on issues that bother her. The socialite cum entrepreneur is also known for her bold and controversial statements on social media. Today, Huddah shared the new Instagram safety guidelines for teenagers on her stories. The post read: ‘Some updates on what we’re doing to keep teens safe on Instagram including: Restricting DMs between teens and adults they don’t know. Prompting teens to be careful in DMs even with adults they are connected to. Encouraging teens to make their accounts private.’ In support of the message, Huddah captioned the repost with: ‘This is great!!!! I have 14-year-olds DMing me to hook them up with rich men. Where are you rushing to?’ What do you think about the new safety measure that Instagram has put on the platform? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. For daily and consistent entertainment and celebrity news, follow this blog.