Goals: YouTuber Yummy Mummy Shows Off Her Stunning Body After Losing 15kgs.

YouTuber Murugi Munyi, formerly known as Yummy Mummy, has let fans in on the secret of how she lost 15 kgs in a year.   In a post shared on her Instagram yesterday, the gorgeous mom revealed that consistency and discipline throughout her weight-loss journey contributed to her incredible result. She also shared a photo collage of herself before and after losing 15kgs. ‘The difference a year of consistency and discipline in a life can make. 15Kg between the two pics- the second one is today. Whether or not you put in the effort to achieve your goals, a year will pass. Only difference is that it will be another year of you not being happy with where you are’ She wrote.

‘So the question is-a year from now, will you be looking back and being glad you started today or will it be you wishing you had started today having lost yet another year? Do yourself a favor, start today’ She added. Munyi gave birth to her third child Tana last year. Since then, she has been working out to shed off the excess weight.  

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