'You are a constant testimony’ Reverend Lucy Natasha Celebrates Her Mother.

Today, Reverend Lucy Natasha passionately celebrated her mother, Pastor Wanjiru, through a post on her Instagram. In the post, Lucy praised her mother for being a determined servant of God. She also thanked her for being her source of motivation and faith throughout her ministry. She wrote: ‘I celebrate my biological mother Pastor Wanjiru who has been a source of inspiration, hope and encouragement in my journey of life and ministry''She has demonstrated utmost passion in the work of God, a tireless laborer in church and with a heart for people as we travel around the world winning souls for Jesus’ ‘Mum you are a constant testimony of what God can do with someone fully dedicated to him. May God’s grace shine upon you as you touch lives’ She concluded. In what ways has your mother inspired you? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. 

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