Maureen Waititu Shares a Photo of Herself at The Age of Two. This Son Looks Like Her.

Today, YouTuber Maureen Waititu treated her Instagram fans to a memory from her childhood. The gorgeous mom shared an adorable picture of herself at the age of two on her page.  ‘I found this old picture of little two-year-old Maureen with swag a few months ago at my mom’s house. I’ve been staring at it, and I’ve been so emotional realizing what she’s had to fight and endure to become the woman, daughter, friend, sister, and mom that she is now’ She wrote.

In the caption, Maureen also added a message to her two-year-old self.  She wrote: ‘If I could tell her something today. I’d tell her that the journey wouldn’t be easy, but she’d always have a guardian angel who would give her grace to endure every difficult season and protect her from everything the enemy throws at her.’ Maureen also shared a side-by-side photo of herself at the age of two and that of her son Lexy, who she shares with Fitness coach Frankie. In the caption, she asked fans whether there was any resemblance between them. Fans who noticed the resemblance took to the comment section to share their sentiments. Here are some of their reactions.

‘I see a lot of resemblances’ A fan wrote.

‘The first slide got me thinking it was Lexi'  another added. Let us know what you think. Does Lexy look like the two-year-old Maureen? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. For daily and consistent entertainment and celebrity news, follow the East African Buzz.