'Never Be Afraid to Protect Women' TV Host Amina Abdi Encourages Fans.

Media personality Amina Abdi is one of the latest female celebrities to speak out on the prevailing violence against women. Through her Instagram, Amina shared a post advocating for the end of all forms of aggression against women and girls. Amina stated that women and girls are at risk of being violated regardless of their culture, economic status, and ethnicity. She also encouraged people not to be frightened of protecting women from harm whether they know them or not. She wrote: 'Violence against women and girls is all too prevalent in the world. It cuts across cultures, economic status, and ethnicity' She added: 'Gender equity aside, women and girls have unique interests and experiences that must be considered, forced marriages, FGM just to name a few'

'To you reading this, never be afraid to protect women. Whether they are known to you or not, your actions to protect them go a long way' She concluded. Follow the East African Buzz for daily and consistent updates on entertainment and celebrity news in the region.