‘Hebu muniache’ Former Governor Mike Sonko Responds to Media After Tuesday Headlines.

Politician Mike Mbuvi, the former Governor of Nairobi, has responded to the Standard Newspaper following the headlines published about him on Tuesday.  The front page of the newspaper had a photo of Sonko rocking a gold chain with his name. The heading read: Inside the tragic world of Sonko.  The subheading of the article read: ‘Mike Mbuvi moved from a struggling land broker to a seat at the high table. He had it all, money, power, and fame. Now he is fighting court cases and endearing himself to online fans. We take you inside his world’ Mike Mbuvi responded to the Standard Newspaper through a post on his Instagram. He shared images of the articles about him and asked the media cartel to let him; enjoy his life in peace as a good citizen.‘Kumbe the newspapers and the media cartels are really missing me? Hebu muniache nirelax kama raia mwema bana jamani’ He wroteWhat do you think about his response? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. Follow the East African Buzz; for daily and consistent updates on the latest entertainment and celebrity news in the region.