Vera Sidika Speaks Out on Her Husband's Relationship with Socialite Amber Ray.

Ever since Vera Sidika and coastal-based singer Mauzo Brown announced their relationship, there have been several rumors that she snatched him from Socialite Amber Ray. Yesterday, Vera finally addressed the allegations during an interaction with her fans on Instagram. She told her followers that Mauzo was single when they started dating.  ‘Never done this nonsense in my life! I never date a man in a relationship at all. My hubby was extremely single when he met me and I was single as well.’ She wrote. Vera revealed that Amber and Mauzo were never romantically involved and that their relationship was a showbiz stunt. Vera also disclosed that she and Mauzo were even dating when the business relationship was going on. ‘The said lady has never been in a romantic relationship with him either. It was purely business. You know showbiz. We were even dating when the kiki was still going on. Hope this answers y’all, curious folks. Congrats to her for finding someone.’ She added. In another post, Vera disclosed that she and Brown Mauzo got married on 12th October, but they did not do the wedding ceremony Remember to follow the East African Buzz for the latest entertainment and celebrity news in the region.