‘I Am Not Looking for Anybody’ Anerlisa Muigai Tells Off the Men in Her DM

It seems like a lot has been going on for Anerlisa Muigai ever since the rumors of her divorce from Tanzanian Singer Ben Pol surfaced online. Today, the Keroche heiress took to her Instagram to tell off men who are directly messaging her. Through a post on her Insta-stories, Anerlisa stated that most relationships fail because people are always in a hurry to replace one’s partner.

Anerlisa also complained that the number of men messaging her is overwhelming. She told those interested in her that she is not single, and neither is she searching for a partner. She concluded by advising the young men in her DM to work hard instead of relying on independent women because women also get tired of taking care of men. ‘The amount of people always ready to take over somebody else’s position is the reason why most relationships fail. If you go through my dm you would think I had contestants for looking for a partner’ She stated .She added ‘It’s really disgusting to also see people offering to marry me yet you don’t even know me personally. Reality is I am not looking for anybody and I AM NOT FREE!’ And to the 80% F boys in my dm, try pull up your socks and start working hard for your socks and start working hard for your money. Looking for independent women to take care of you is really short-term. Women too get tired of taking care of you! If you know you know’ She concluded. What do you think of Anerlisa's advice? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. Follow the East Africa Buzz: for daily and consistent updates on the latest entertainment and celebrity news in the region.