Fans react after Socialite Vera Sidika Asks Models with Flat Bellies to Advertise Her Slimming Tea.

Kenyan Socialite Vera Sidika Recently Shared a Job Advertisement for Models, but Netizens Were Displeased with One of The Requirements She Included.

Source: Vera Sidika

In the advert, Vera Sidika called upon professional models to reach out to her for a photoshoot for her slimming tea called Veetox. One of the requirements for the applicants was a flat tummy.

“Looking for super glam models for Veetox photoshoot. Both Nairobi and Mombasa based. Must have a flat tummy. Send your pics on my DM. Kindly indicate your location” wrote Vera.

Source: Vera Sidika

Fans React to Vera’s Advert

A fan responded to her post, saying her workmates laughed and made fun when they saw the post. She added that they were questioning why Vera needs a model with a flat stomach to market Veetox.

“I just heard ladies on my office laugh about this post and I rushed to see it. They are making a joke about how Veetox needs a flat tummy model yet they claim to give a flat tummy, means Hakuna client” a fan wrote.

Source: Vera Sidika

Another fan told Vera that using models with flat tummies would give the misconception that her product does not work.

Another wrote, “I think this is bad for business coz people might think your product don’t work since you are looking for models with already flat tummies. That goes to show that they never used your product to achieve the look”

Source: Vera Sidika

Vera Defends Her Choice

Vera did not ignore the comments. She reposted them on her Insta-stories together with her response.

Vera said that companies often get professional models to promote their merchandise. She stated that the people they use do not necessarily use their products daily.

“Coca cola, Samsung etc. get professional models to advertise their products. Does it mean those people advertising use their products on a normal day? Nope. Maybe one prefers Pepsi to Coke or iPhone to Samsung” wrote Vera.

Source: Vera Sidika

Vera also added that she uses models with flat stomachs to show her clients what to expect after using her product.

“In advertising, you get professional models to do photoshoots that show clients what to expect after using the product” wrote Vera.

She said that she could not use her clients because they value their privacy. She added that most of them did not know how to pose for professional shoots like models.

“You can’t use a client. Most don’t want publicity and cameras. You can’t use a client most don’t even know how to pose for cameras” She added.

Source: Vera Sidika