Maturity! Zari and Tanasha Donna Party Together in Uganda

Ugandan reality star Zari Hassan and Kenyan singer Tanasha Donna, both moms to Diamond's kids, brought the fun to Zari’s All White Party in Kampala, Uganda. The recent meetup between contradicts earlier rumors of bad blood following a 2019 incident where Zari subtly shaded Diamond and Tanasha’s relationship. However, it seems like all that is in the past now. Zari and Tanasha’s friendly interaction throughout the event suggested that any previous issues might have been resolved. The paparazzi caught them laughing and enjoying each other's company, dismissing the rumors of animosity or tension between them. This spoke volumes about their maturity. Both ladies demonstrated that they could put aside differences for their children and show respect. Interestingly, this reunion comes a couple of weeks after their children Tiffah, Nillan and Naseeb Junior met for the first time in Tanzania. Soon after, the toddlers, along with their dad, hopped on a private jet to Rwanda, where they a

Photos of Diamond Platnumz and Zari at the Mall with their Children Last Evening in South Africa

Ugandan Socialite Zari Hassan Spent Her Saturday Evening Hanging out with her Baby Daddy, Tanzanian Singer Diamond Platnumz and Their Two Children Princess Tiffah and Prince Nillan, at the Mall.

Source: Afro Entertainment

Zari and Diamond’s Family Outing

Zari and Diamond took their children out for a shopping spree and dinner at the Emperor’s Palace in South Africa.

They both took turns documenting the various activities of their evening online.

Source: Zari Hassan

Fans got a glimpse of the happy family reunion through several videos shared on Zari’s Insta-stories.

In one of the videos: Diamond and Zari were playing in a toy store while their children picked out toys. In another, they were having a meal with friends at the food court.

Source: Zari Hassan

Zari also shared a gorgeous family portrait of her, Diamond and their two children, and she captioned it, “About tonight with papa.”

Source: Zari Hassan

This reunion excited their fans, as many are often urging them to reconcile as a couple. However, Zari has made it clear on several occasions that she does not intend on going down that road again.

Source: Zari Hassan

Zari and Diamond’s Relationship

Zari and Diamond keep proving that it is possible to co-parent amicably after a separation.

Though their relationship seems rosy at the moment, Zari and Diamond once had an estranged relationship that lasted two years after their bitter split.

Zari blamed their split on Diamond's infidelities after he impregnated Tanzanian actress Hamisa Mobetto, the mother of his third child.

Source: Google

Diamond and Zari’s reconciliation Diamond and Zari later resolved their issues towards the end of 2020 and agreed to co-parent amicably.

Last year, Zari took Princess Tiffah and Prince Nillan to Tanzania to visit Diamond after two years of no contact.

Source: Zari Hassan

Though they have never disclosed their parenting arrangement, we have witnessed Diamond spending time with his children whenever he flies to South Africa, where they reside.

In fact, before their recent family reunion, Diamond shared a video of himself hanging out with their children while Zari was on a girls trip in Dubai.

Source: Zari Hassan

Diamond and Zari’s family reunion comes weeks after the singer dished out his opinion on relationships and career goals.

Diamond Advises Fans Not to Focus on Relationships

Last month, Diamond told his Instagram fans to put more focus on their work and not relationships. The singer said that hard work often pays but relationships only lead to disappointment.

Source: Diamond Platnumz

“Focus on your work, because the results will always be positive but if you focus on the relationship the results will always be negative and disappointing. Take it from Lion.” He wrote on his Insta-stories.

Source: Diamond Platnumz

Despite his resounding advice on relationships, it seems like his with Zari is doing just fine.

Source: Zari Hassan


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