Vera Sidika Shows Off Her Body a Week After Giving Birth to Her First Child.

Vera Sidika Gave Birth to Her First Child Princess Asia Brown a Week Ago, And It Seems Like Her Body Is Snapping Back Quicker Than Anticipated.

Source: Vera Sidika

Last evening, Vera gave fans a glimpse of her body through a video shared on her Insta-stories. In the video, the new mom was posing by the mirror in her bedroom; and showing off her belly.

“7 days, post CS. The swelling is slowly going down” Vera captioned the video.

Source: Vera Sidika

She further revealed that her stomach is naturally slimming down and has not used any products to quicken the process.

“Haven’t used anything on my tummy at all. Immediately after surgery of course the stomach has a lot of swelling which goes away. My swelling has reduced that’s all” Vera wrote.

Source: Vera Sidika

Vera said that she would begin working on getting her pre-pregnancy body back once her stomach reduces further.

“By 2 weeks my belly will probably go down even more I believe. Then I can start thinking of getting my flat tummy back” She added.

Source: Vera Sidika

In another post, Vera told her fans that she was not feeling any kind of pain, contrary to what many people had said after she opted for Cesarean birth.

She added that she was doing fine even though she was not taking any pain relievers.

“I’m still waiting for the pain everyone has been singing about. Saying I will feel pain a day after CS surgery and all through the recovery process. I’m still waiting for it. Not even a headache. Maybe it genes sijui. Haven’t even been taking my painkillers” She wrote.

Source: Vera Sidika

Vera’s Delivery

Vera Sidika gave birth to her daughter on 20th October at 10;21 am through an elective C-Section.

She went to the operating theatre looking glammed up, wearing makeup, a wig and artificial nails.

Source: Vera Sidika

Upon the birth of her daughter, the Socialite excitedly announced the news through a post on her Instagram.

“20.10.2021 at 10:21am. A princess was born. Asia Brown @Princess Asia Brown. You will always be the miracle that makes our life complete.” Wrote Vera accompanied by a photo of herself, her husband and their daughter.

Source: Vera Sidika

Vera Reveals Why She Chose an Elective C-Section

After the birth of her daughter, Vera shared her experience about the delivery process via social media.

She termed the procedure as the best decision she ever made as it turned out better than she had anticipated.

“Whoever said CS surgery was so bad and very painful lied. I felt zeeeero pain imagine. I swear to God; it was the best decision ever!!!” she said.

Source: Vera Sidika

Vera added that she chose 20th October, a public holiday, as the birth date; so that they would celebrate the day with the family every year.

“Since elective CS allows you to select a date within a particular time frame, I personally chose the date 20th October 2021 So she can be celebrating her birthdays from home with family since it's a public holiday, Mashujaa day,” she said.

Source: Vera Sidika


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