Program Coordinator at Ashinaga Uganda

Mid‐August 2021 – 17th, December 2021, renewable

                         (Start date to be arranged, work in Uganda from January 2022)

Place of employment:                       Ashinaga Uganda

                         (Working remotely from outside Uganda during this year, but to expected to work in Uganda after January 2022)

Job Title:  Program Coordinator (in charge of JP bound students) Job Description:

a)     Support on consultation, application, and study support for JP‐bound Anglophone students (30%)

Support students regarding their plans, subject to study in Japanese Univ., instruction for application documents, application procedure for Univ. etc.

b)     Duties on management of study camp, preparation camp for Anglophone students


Curriculum development, scheduling, daily consultation together with other staff

c)      Duties on Recruitment of Anglophone students10%

Document assessment for interview in January and March, and arrangement and conducting of interview in each county in April.

d)     Duties on Networking (10%)  

Making network in Uganda and Anglophone countries in Africa with AAI advisory members and respective organization which has potential to collaborate in terms of internship, professional opportunity, and lessons for students.  

e)      Duties on Internship program (recruitment, Job arrangement, advise etc.) (5%)  

Recruitment interview, instruction for their lesson plan and supervising of lessons.

f)      Other related duties on Ashinaga Africa Initiative and KOKORO‐JUKU (5%)

Students support from other countries, Networking, Administrative support etc.  


Employment status: 

May change depending on the country (region) of residence. In principle, direct employment contract with Ashinaga Uganda. 

Day of Duty:

5 days /week, Holiday work, Overtime, Nighttime work, Internal/Overseas Biz trip


Working hours:

9:00 – 17:00 (Incl. 1‐hour recess)  

*The program is based on Ugandan time, but time shifts can be adjusted to suit the

country (or region) of residence.

Days off and Other leaves:

2 days/week, National holidays of Uganda, Special leave from the mid of December to the beginning of January and 7 days paid leave every 4 months.  



a)    Monthly Salary

1,500~2,500 US$ (before taxation, depending on experience)

b)    Housing Allowance (* Provided only after moving to Uganda)

Housing provided with 24 hours’ security guard or Housing allowance is provided based on the Ashinaga Uganda internal rule

c)    Commutation Allowance (*Provided only after arrival in Uganda)

Provided based on the rule

Prior to arrival of Uganda (while working remotely), actual expenses will be reimbursed at a later date only when transportation expenses are incurred due to work.

d)    Payday, Manner of Payment

The wage for the period up to the end of the month shall be paid every month on the 28th day of the relevant month. If the Payday is a holiday, the wages shall be paid on the most recent preceding day. The Organization shall remit said wages by US dollars by bank transfer to the bank account in Employees  

e)    Items of deduction from wage upon Payment (to be confirmed according to place of residence and contract)

After posting to Uganda, Income Tax (approximately 30% of monthly salary), Local

Service Tax (fixed amount based on salary), and Social Insurance premium (approximately 5% of monthly salary). Prior to assignment to Uganda (while working remotely), the amount will be determined based on the laws of the country of residence and contractual structure.

f)     Bonuses

Provided based on the rule

g)    Overtime allowance, Retirement allowance, Holiday work allowance


h)    Pay rise

Considered when the contract is renewed

i)     Probation

3 months from contract day Fringe Benefit:

a)    Training support

b)    Returning home expenses when posted to Uganda

Round trip ticket to be provided between country of residence or family base Requirements:







Bachelor’s Degree


Experience with IELTS, SAT or ACT


Degree in education, African Studies, International Development, or related degrees


Knowledge, Skills, Experience & Attribute



Fluent English


Knowledge and work experience in the JP system of higher education

(Experience in taking entrance examinations of Japanese Universities or studying at universities in Japan is preferred)


Have a student focused approach and a willingness to adopt teaching materials and methods


Be flexible and able to work in dynamic and new environments 


Easily work in a culturally diverse office environment


Excellent interpersonal skills to deal with challenging situations and relationships with stakeholders


Excellent communication, verbal and written, skills


Have a willingness to do a clerical desk work


Experience of working effectively and properly as part of a team


Capable with Microsoft Office Suite


Experience in tutoring or teaching (preferably with disadvantaged students)


Portuguese, Japanese or French proficiency 


Work experience in education sector and/or in Sub Saharan Africa or a developing country


Capable with photo shooting, SNS, making contents for promotion






a)    Document


Motivation letter

*Both documents by either Office Word or PDF should be submitted to the following address by deadline.

b)    Deadline 30th July 2021 (Ugandan time)

c)    Contact

Mr. Yu Tatsuoka, Director, Ashinaga Uganda


Schedule (Detail schedule would be announced individually):

             30th July                         Submission deadline

                      End of July                     Announcement of Interview

            Beginning of August       Interview

            Beginning of August        Final Announcement of successful applicant