'So What If He's My Driver?' Zari Hassan Defends Her Boyfriend, Dark Stallion.

Zari Hassan does not entertain trolls who leave disrespectful comments on her social media posts. She often responds or claps back.  Zari recently fired back at a fan who called her current boyfriend, Dark Stallion, a driver. She called the fan a bully and stalker who is angry that she has no access to him. Zari also added that those searching for information about Dark Stallion would get disappointed because there is none about him online.  ‘Let me break it down for you. You are used to men you can google and bully when it suits you, and when it's someone you don’t know or google about, then it’s a problem. Some people are low key, some people are drama free’‘You are bullies and guess what, there is no info about this one and that’s what’s perturbing you. Move along, if you think he is my driver, I’m glad. Let him stay a driver so y’all can rest your cases’  She wrote.Follow East Africa Buzz for daily notifications on the best entertainment and celebrity news in the region.