Maturity! Zari and Tanasha Donna Party Together in Uganda

Ugandan reality star Zari Hassan and Kenyan singer Tanasha Donna, both moms to Diamond's kids, brought the fun to Zari’s All White Party in Kampala, Uganda. The recent meetup between contradicts earlier rumors of bad blood following a 2019 incident where Zari subtly shaded Diamond and Tanasha’s relationship. However, it seems like all that is in the past now. Zari and Tanasha’s friendly interaction throughout the event suggested that any previous issues might have been resolved. The paparazzi caught them laughing and enjoying each other's company, dismissing the rumors of animosity or tension between them. This spoke volumes about their maturity. Both ladies demonstrated that they could put aside differences for their children and show respect. Interestingly, this reunion comes a couple of weeks after their children Tiffah, Nillan and Naseeb Junior met for the first time in Tanzania. Soon after, the toddlers, along with their dad, hopped on a private jet to Rwanda, where they a

‘I Don’t Block People by Accident’ Vera Sidika Responds to a Blocked Fan.

Socialite Vera Sidika recently disclosed that she does not block people on her social media for no reason. Vera said she often blocks those who show her fake love on her page but leave nasty comments about her on other social media pages. She added that she does not like pretentious people who are not bold enough to insult her to her face.   Vera wrote this post in response to a fan who commented on her YouTube video saying she got blocked, yet she did nothing. ‘I don’t block people by accident. If you or your friend is blocked is because y’all deserved, it. Negative comments on my page or any other pages that have posted anything concerning me I block you. Some of y’all will act holy on my page, but run your mouth on other pages when they post stuff about me. If I come across B.S about me from pages y’all comment in, I block ata kama you didn’t comment on mine’ Vera wrote. Follow the East Africa Buzz for updates on the latest entertainment and celebrity news in the region. 


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