' I am Willing to Pay 5 Million' Vera Sidika Dares Her Alleged Surrogate to Speak Out.

Vera Sidika is currently not happy with the accusations circulating about her. Vera Sidika Pregnancy Videos. In a post she shared online, Vera dismissed claims of using a surrogate for her pregnancy. She said that a surrogate would never treat her baby the way she desires. She also promised to give out five million Kenya shillings to whoever proves they are carrying her child. Vera further asked netizens to stop making up false claims about her pregnancy because she does not have a protruding naval. She said that not all women have the same pregnancy signs. Vera then shared images and online documents to back up her argument. 'If you are my surrogate as claims suggest. I permit you to step out with supporting documents. Willing to pay upfront 5 million Kenyan shillings. If you can concretely prove you're carrying the baby on my behalf ' She wrote. Remember to follow the East Africa Buzz for daily and consistent updates on the most up-to date entertainment and celebrity news in the region.