Mike Sonko Warns Parents about Kidnappers and Organ Harvesters.

Former Governor of Nairobi has warned netizens to be cautious of organ harvesters kidnapping children and abducting adults. Sonko said that these criminals are a well organized group composed of Caucasians and Tanzanians. He further warned his fans to stay away from suspicious vehicles, and to closely monitor their children's movements.

'I have very disturbing photos which I won't share here. Parents be very careful, kuna a well organized gang composed of whites and blacks from Tanzania using four wheel drive cars kazi yao ni kukidnap adults and even children then wanawadunga injection wakipoteza fahamu wanawauwa wanachukua heart, kidney and liver zikiwa fresh' He wrote.

What do you think about the increasing crime rate during this pandemic? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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