Zari Hassan Reveals How Her Boyfriend Felt About Diamond’s Visit to Her Home in South Africa.

Zari Hassan recently revealed how her current boyfriend, Dark Stallion, dealt with Diamond Platnumz’s visits to her place while he was in South Africa.During an interview, Zari revealed that she told her boyfriend about Diamond’s visit beforehand. Therefore, he was aware of the whole arrangement.Zari said that Dark Stallion gave them space to co-parent since her children rarely see their children. She also revealed that her boyfriend does not spend the night at her home, and neither did Diamond.From day one nilikuwa nimemwambia that baba wa watoto wangu is going to be in town. He will come around to spend time with the kids. He said I don’t have a problem with that. Diamond alikuwa halali kwangu. He comes and anaondoka. Mume wangu halali kwangu. He also comes and anaondoka so there was no clash’ She said. Follow this blog for reliable updates on the latest entertainment and celebrity news in the region.