Socialite Vera Sidika Reveals What She Will Do When She Gives Birth.

Kenyan Socialite Vera Sidika has revealed how she will behave when she finally gives birth.The gorgeous socialite told her fans that she will frequently post the images and videos of her child till people get fed up.  The day I finally decide to have my own baby; I’ll stop posting other people’s babies. I’ll only be posting my baby here every day till y’all be tired of me. I’ll be obsessed with the cheeks, lips and just wanna hug her like a teddy bear. I love babes. Especially girls!’ She posted.It seems like Vera Sidika is dealing with baby fever. Lately, she often gushes over adorable babies online and posts their photos on her social media.Though Vera is obsessed with babies, the socialite once told her fans that she first wants to enjoy her marriage with singer Mauzo Brown before giving birth.  Remember to follow this blog for daily and consistent updates on the hottest entertainment and celebrity news in the region.